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The Purple Elepant™

We like our Purple Elephant so much, we have made all kinds of products available with his lovable smile and pokey poetry.

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Why a Purple Elephant?

The Purple Elephant logo signifies Photo Grafix high-quality photographic retouching services and holistic approach to the work. There are many digital photo retouching studios who can dazzle the eye with top talent - and we believe we are one of them. However, Photo Grafix is one of the few with the vision to accept only socially-responsible work, turning down jobs that promote so-called "adult content."

The idea for an elephant logo is based on the first photo illustration created by the owner of Photo Grafix, Eric Basir in 1999. The illustration was composed of an elephant and an Allegheny Valley Railroad locomotive traveling together with traffic on William Perry Highway in Wexford, Pennsylvania. Eric  and his family once lived and worked in western Pennsylvania during his venture as a newspaper photographer.

Viewers of the image were impressed by the realistic appearance of the elephant, as well as the humor of the illustration. Subsequently, the owner chose to create a simplified logo to represent the unique illustration.

A symbol of grace, strength and reverence, the elephant represents our company’s attitude towards serving our customers. The purple color, symbolic of royalty, accentuates how we strive to treat other beings-human or animal.

The African and Asian species of these mighty creatures is under threat of extinction in their respective homelands. However, The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee (USA), is doing a most remarkable job of bringing some of the animals to a safe, wide-open space which resembles their homeland. We encourage you to learn more about and support this charity http://www.elephants.com (which happens to be highly recommended by charitynavigator.org).

High-quality clothing and merchandise with the peculiar Purple Elephant available here! Most items contain unique Dr. Suess-like poems and sly societal slights. Guaranteed to turn heads!

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