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Articles about Photo Restoration for Genealogists and Family History Hobbyists

On this page you can download images to work on from books by Photo Grafix, “Ask The Retoucher” articles, DVD tutorials, classes and workshops.

When the picture opens in your browser, click and drag it to your desktop—or right-click and save it to your desktop.

If the movies do not begin after downloading, you may need to check your Applications or Programs folder for iTunes or Quicktime Player. The movies will be saved to wherever you have your web browser set to save downloads. To view the movies, you will need to use iTunes or Quicktime Player. Both are free for Macintosh and IBM/PC computers.


Download the Files

All pictures and movies are inside a folder which is compressed as a ZIP archive called "Ask The Retoucher." Upon download, double-click the ZIP file and it will open up into a folder with the necessary pictures and movies.